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Everything you need to know about Electric Scooters in France

Everything you need to know about Electric Scooters in France

More and more people becoming socially responsible across France when it comes to the environment. Those same people are starting to look at eco-friendly and low-carbon footprint methods such as the electric scooter to get from A to B. Petrol and diesel cars are being phased out, due to their fume-pumping properties and electric vehicles, such as Tesla, are in.

However, not everyone can afford or needs an electric car and require affordable, cheap-to-run, and easy-to-ride forms of single-person electric transport. There are many different types across the French market these days, from the humble electric bike through to the more extreme, such as the electric unicycle.

One of the more popular options in France is the electric scooter. They're easy to ride, you can pick them up for a few hundred euros, and they're pretty good for the old environment. So with that being said, we look at the electric scooter and everything you need to know about electric scooters in France. Are they the future of transport across La France?

What is an electric scooter?

As an electric bike, an electric scooter is a motorised scooter that has a motor to power the wheels, and a battery to power the motor. And it's as simple as that! Motors can range from the humble 250-watt variety on the AOVO ES Mini Electric Scooter. All the way up to 800-watt and beyond, like on the powerful Kugoo G2 Pro Electric Scooter.

Batteries. They can be small which charge fast but only gives you a few ride hours or km. (Depends how you look at it) Or they can be big and powerful and go on for over 100 km. Some electric scooters have dual charging ports such as the Decent One and One Max electric scooters, which cuts the charge time in half. As long as you have two plugs of course!

Another crucial safety feature on the electric scooter is the very important scooter braking system. Which are, and let's face it, essential for stopping quickly and controlled. From the simple back foot-controlled manual brake. Where you push down on the rear mudguard with your foot to slow down. To more sophisticated disc brakes. Which are similar to those you'd find on a modern car. Brakes are probably one of the most important features on an electric scooter, especially in crowded places such as Paris. Stopping safely is fundamental to the scooter's design.

Other cool features that arrive with the e-scooter is front and rear lights, for seeing and being seen in the dark, and solid or pneumatic tyres with grippy treads for keeping you glued to the path.

The footplate needs a non-slip surface so that when you're riding on your daily adventure, you stick to the scooter. Especially when cornering and twisting like a stunt driver.

A lot of the scooter brands, such as Inmotion, provide apps that you can download onto your mobile phone. This opens up more options. Such as ride distance recording, battery life and BlueTooth. Sometimes these apps are advanced and allow you to lock your electric scooter or even set the speed.

Are Electric Scooters Legal in France?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Personal electric scooters are legal in France. You can own and ride an electric scooter in France. Which is wonderful news. However, they do have some rules and regulations which you must adhere to.

  • You must first of all be 12 or older. No one under 12 is allowed to operate one. You can't give 10-year-old Pierre an electric scooter and send him off to the local bakery.
  • You have to have special electric scooter insurance while riding such as this policy from Luko. This covers you for such things as damages you may cause to others while driving or injuries in a traffic accident as long as you were wearing a helmet. This can range from €3.30 a month upwards. Depending on where you live and your personal details.
  • You can't go over 25 Km/h, even if your electric scooter is capable of it. And if you do, a €1500 fine could be heading your way. Keep to the limit speed demon.
  • If you're riding it on faster roads, you must wear a helmet and high-visibility clothing such as a gilet or luminous jacket. Protect your head and make yourself illuminated.
  • So you're in complete control and fully aware of everything around you, you are not allowed to wear headphones or operate a mobile phone. No calling your Mum while you're riding on your Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter down the l'autoroute du Nord or funking to Zaz while touring the French Riveria on your Inmotion L9. Ok?
  • You can be the only rider on the scooter. No giving your mates a lift to the pub or giving your Grandma a spin to the shops. Just you.
  • Finally, always use the cycle paths when scooting along. Keep it safe, scooter person.

Can you hire Electric Scooters in France?

If you're not sure about buying an Electric Scooter for your French adventure. Then the next best thing is to hire one.

There are currently around 15,000 electric scooters available to hire across Paris alone operated by three companies. Lime, Dott, and Tier. Hiring is the best way to find out if you're leaning towards an electric scooter or not. You can practise and get the hang of it.

Lime and Tier offer electric scooter hire package deals. For example, Lime offers daily, weekly and monthly packages which allow you to test the electric scooter out over a longer period before you decide to buy.

Should I get an Electric Scooter to Ride around France?

Yes! Of course, you should. Electric Scooter's are legal, fun, environmentally friendly, and affordable. They reduce congestion and give you a sense of freedom. Just remember to look at which one is suitable for your needs.

You can browse a range of options and details narrowing it down to find your perfect electric scooter. Whether you want a seat, a powerful motor or a long-range option. There will be definitely an electric scooter that is suited for you.

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