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Get on your Electric Bike Today

Get on your Electric Bike Today

We check out the Fiido D4S Folding Electric Bike and look at why you should get one as your daily transport today.

Young Company, Big Vision

As far as companies go, Fiido is still a pretty young ensemble. Only starting in 2017 they've gone from strength to strength producing a modest range of quality electric bicycles. Bringing the electric bike design back to the humble and traditional bike shape, their aim is to put the customer first. 

They bring a vision of creating electric bikes that are unique in design, lightweight, that offer a fun and relaxing riding experience.

It's these values that make Fiido bikes great to ride and own.

We look at one of their models, the Fiido D4S Electric Bike. Classic bicycle looks meet modern technology in an original design that's perfect for your commute. Let's dive in.

A Quick Glance

The Fiido D4S Folding Electric Bike is stylish as it is practical. Whether it's intentional the D4S nods to the original BMX bikes of the 80s. Honestly, I swear my Mongoose BMX from the mid-1980s had a similar shape to this bike. Anyway, I digress, it looks great and is my favourite of all the Fiido models. The others look a little practical, whereas the D4S has that cool factor. Landing with a couple of 20" tyres, a black or white finish, and a high saddle frame this bike screams BMX. It really does.

Fiido D4S Electric Bike Key Highlights:

  • 250W Powerful Motor Delivers a Full Speed of 25 Km/h
  • Up to 80 km (50 miles) with pedal-assist riding
  • 36V 10.4 Ah Battery takes 5 - 7 hours to fully charge.
  • Aluminium alloy construction for Ultimate Durability with a Maximum load of 120 Kg (264 lb).
  • Super bright, LED headlight and Flashing rear Red lights
  • Perfect for urban riding, commuting, short trips, shopping and daily use

Classed by Fiido themselves as light and sporty, it does look like an electric bike for those that want to move away from the traditional folding commuter style bicycles. 

So if you're looking for a fun and lightweight commuting bike, read on.

Powerful and Quick

What I love about the Fiido D4S is apart from its urban styling, is its quick speed. A maximum speed of 25 Km/h makes sure you will keep up with traffic. Its slim and sleek design will allow you to nip in and out of stationary traffic with ease. 

Like a lot of electric bikes, the D4S arrives with three different riding modes. Fully electric for when you can't be bothered to pedal, power assist when you can be bothered to pedal but need a little help, and full pedal, when you're feeling all righteous and fit. These are pretty standard on electric bikes. And the great thing about the electric bike is when you do eventually run out of juice, you can pedal. Whereas on an electric scooter, you can't.

Its 250-watt motor plus powerful and committed 10.4AH battery, allows the Fiddo D4S to deliver a full range of up to 80 Km (With pedal assist). Which is pretty massive really. That's nearly 50 miles in old school money. Perfect for a week’s worth of commuting, adventuring or whatever you get up to before you need to charge it fully again. Even a weekend excursion without charging.

It can also glide up hills of 30 degrees. This means you can laugh at the pedallers trying to keep up. Nice!

A full charge takes 7 hours, or one sleep as we call it. This can seem a bit long, however, the advantage is that you won't be doing it too often. And even if the battery runs out of charge, you can pedal, right?

It features a 6-speed gear shift which is perfect for different riding conditions allowing you to select the perfect gear for your adventure situation.

Solid Frame Design and Safety Features

The simple styling and that BMX visual frame is engineered from a solid Aluminum alloy. Giving you a robust and confident ride, the frame feels tight and sturdy whether you're riding down the smoothest of roads or off the beaten track.

A bright LED display with a battery meter and PAS level indicator is easily visible from your riding position. And it even comes with a horn. Beep, beep!

A duo of 20" x 1.75" wear-resistant shockproof inflatable tyres with thin spoke wheels adds to its BMX styling. The full-grip tread keeps you stuck to the road and makes cornering quick, easy and secure.

What's more, when you want to stop the Fiido D4S electric bike arrives with front and back disc brakes. This pair of powerful brakes make sure that stopping quickly and safely is not a problem. Even if it’s wet. No skidding is allowed.

For nighttime riders, the D4S electric bike has a strong and bright front LED light with a flashing rear light. This pair of lights make sure you can see where you're going and that everybody else sees where you’re going. For extra safety, the Electric Future always recommends wearing a luminous gilet or jacket while riding at night. 

They also recommend that whenever you ride your Fiido D4S, that you wear a helmet. no excuse. Just do it.

Easily Transportable

Whether you've arrived at work, the train station or just the corner shop, you can quickly and easily fold the Fiido D4S electric bike up. Once folded it's easily carried as it weighs under 19 Kg

Throw it in the boot, under the stairs or onto a train. Perfect.

Should I buy a Fiido D4S Electric Bike?

If you love sleek BMX styling, simple design and a long-range then definitely, the Fiido D4S electric bike is certainly for you. A real head-turner. 

What to love about the Fiido D4S is it stands out from other traditional electric bikes. Which of course there is nothing wrong with. For practicality and sensibility go for something more traditional like the Fiido L3 Electric Bike, then go for that. But if you want people to 'check you out' then definitely go for the D4S.

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