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The electric scooter. A lean mean eco-friendly machine that allows you to get from A to B in style. The electric scooter has landed with us recently and is growing in popularity, not just with the young but with every age bracket. It seems everyone is jumping on the e-scooter revolution. 

Liverpool features one of the government electric scooter hire schemes with Voi scooters with everybody from all walks of life riding around the city of Liverpool. Students, office workers, and the general public, all cruising the urban landscape to their destinations. But how safe is it to ride an electric scooter? We look at the ways to prevent accidents and make yourself safer.

AOVO have been making electric scooters for a couple of years now with a few different models in the bag. AOVO's ethos is to offer affordable and fun electric scooters for people like you or me to enjoy.

Loaded with features and modern tech, the AOVO brand goes from strength to strength.

We're going to look at three of the AOVO electric scooter models. The AOVO ES Mini, AOVO Pro M365, and the AOVO ES40.

More cities are taking on the electric scooter hiring schemes, such as Voi in Liverpool, as a green and cheap form of getting from A to B. They're quick to learn and fun to ride, making them extremely popular in and around the cities they're located in. Just download the app, hop on, and away you go. Cruise the urban district with style. You can even do your shopping, visit the gym, or even commute to work.

FAMILY comes first, and we all want to do the best for our loved ones.

From feeding them healthy food, to having fun and learning at the same time, these ten top brands have everything you need for family life this summer.

E-scooters are so popular at the moment, and Electric Future have a model for everyone.

We're gathering the top 5 best electric scooters that tick all the boxes and offer the ultimate electric scooter experience. We'll look at all the features and really narrow down what it takes to be the ultimate electric scooter!

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular across the world. Offering a fun, quick, and green way of getting from A to B. More UK Cities are taking up Electric Scooter hire schemes, such as Vois in Liverpool. Making them extremely accessible for everyone. Cutting traffic and vehicles emissions in the largest of UK cities.

Now that many people are focused on convenient and affordable living, e-scooters are making a dent in practical transportation options. Nowadays, there are a bunch of ride-sharing schemes available, allowing you to rent e-scooters and hit the streets with much ease. However, with the rise of the availability of e-scooters, you may start to wonder if it's better to keep renting than to buy one of your own.

When it comes to buying an e-scooter, the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages. If you need a bit more convincing before you purchase your own portable electric scooter, you've come to the right place.