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From electric scooters to electric unicycles, we look at the company The Electric Future and find out what they do in-depth.

As folk become more carbon-free conscious they're turning their back on their cars and turning to more alternative modes of transport such as the electric scooter.

What is the difference between an electric scooter and an electric bike?

The electric scooter and electric bike are becoming more popular these days as people are ditching their cars to use one or the other. Both are eco-friendly, carbon-low, and generally nicer to the environment than those pesky emission pumping machines.

So let's dive in and look at both the electric scooter and electric bike.

We check out the Fiido D4S Folding Electric Bike and look at why you should get one as your daily transport today.

Classic bicycle looks meet modern technology in an original design that's perfect for your commute.

Whether it's intentional the D4S nods to the original BMX bikes of the 80s.

What to love about the Fiido D4S is it stands out from other traditional electric bikes.

Getting the ins and outs of electric bike safety as you ride through the urban landscape is paramount to an injury-free day. As electric bikes are becoming more popular. We're starting to see the numbers of them rising on the roads. Folk are ditching their cars and hopping for their daily commute, going to the shops, and getting some gentle exercise. 

So getting everything right and secure on your electric bike makes the difference between injury and a safe clean ride. We look at eight points you should do, not do and check before you start your daily commute.

The Electric Bike, it's getting popular everywhere these days and quite rightly so. Taking the hard bit out of your journey, they're easily becoming  one of the most common electric vehicles of the 21st Century. Prices are coming down and the technology is getting better. As electric cars are still quite expensive, we ask, is the electric bike the future?

So hop on and saddle up. Let us explore ten reasons why you should definitely get an Electric Bike.

Buying an electric bike can be a bit of a challenge. How fast does it go? How big is the battery? What's the bikes range? Does it have power assist pedaling? These are just some of the questions being asked about modern Electric bikes.

 We're going to look at three different models of the Fiido Electric Bike range with a comparison and contrast of each electric bike. We'll look at what each of the bikes offers in features, pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision on which Fiido Electric bike you should buy in 2021.