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From electric scooters to electric unicycles, we look at the company The Electric Future and find out what they do in-depth.

As folk become more carbon-free conscious they're turning their back on their cars and turning to more alternative modes of transport such as the electric scooter.

All vehicles need to observe weight limits to ensure the safety of their passengers and the vehicle’s reliable performance. Although it’s easy to sneak in one or two people in a car, it’s not as viable when using a hoverboard.

Hoverboards are fun to ride and are meant to reduce the effort needed to travel short distances. However, it’s made explicitly for a single person to use, limiting one person at most to use it for safety purposes. Paying no regard to these restrictions can be a cause for accidents or sudden malfunctions with your hoverboard.

Compared to scooters and skateboards, hoverboards are a fairly new trend. It was created in 2013, and soon after, its popularity significantly grew as it piqued the interest of teens and young adults who are interested in this fun and convenient mode of transportation. Even those who had no idea how to ride hoverboards got them. The good news is that riding a hoverboard is actually not that hard whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart.  

With your budget at the ready and your itch for a hassle-free form of transportation becoming more unbearable by the day, it’s clear that the opportunity to buy a hoverboard is something that you should consider. Beyond all the buzz, however, you might be wondering why it’s worth purchasing in the first place.


(Spoiler alert: there are far too many reasons that are too good to ignore!)

The rise of hoverboards in 2021 hasn't slowed down. With more sales this year the popularity of Hoverboards are still growing.

You'll have seen plenty of people standing up on these two-wheeled electric personal transport vehicles. Like a sideways skateboard with wheels at the end. Balancing upright, zipping along. And you'll probably be thinking to yourself. Magic? Not quite, the explanation is much easier than that.

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When the hoverboard first wheeled out of store shelves in 2016, it was the most stylish and popular mobility device for the year. The peak of its popularity gave it so much recognition that personalities like Jamie Foxx and even Barack Obama had to try them out.