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The Secret of Hoverboards

The rise of hoverboards in 2021 hasn't slowed down. With more sales this year the popularity of Hoverboards are still growing.

You'll have seen plenty of people standing up on these two-wheeled electric personal transport vehicles. Like a sideways skateboard with wheels at the end. Balancing upright, zipping along. And you'll probably be thinking to yourself. Magic? Not quite, the explanation is much easier than that.

What exactly is a Hoverboard? 

Well, a hoverboard is definitely not what Marty Mcfly uses inBack to the Future II, although I'm sure those won't be far behind. A hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter that is powered. A little bit like asegway, but without the handlebars.

You stand on it, try and balance, and use your weight to move you forward, and lean left or right to turn. Looking at it, it seems a little tricky, but with a little practice, you can get the hang of it quite quickly.

How do Hoverboards Work? 

It uses sensors, pressure pads, gyros, and motors to propel you along in an upright way. Imagine walking without moving your legs. A little bit of techno-wizardry, but also just great technology. For a more technical explanation, you can check it outhere.

Let's face it you just need to know, so when you stand on one you don't look like an idiot. Am I right? So, as you get used to standing up on this self-balancing scooter, you lean forward and the sensors engage the motors and away you go. Like the stuntman, you are supposed to be. 

For left turns, push your right toe forward and keep your left foot horizontal. For the right turns, left toe forward, right horizontal. Simple right? I mean, even a child could do it. But honestly, it will take practice.

What we would recommend, is that you kit yourself outin padded gear and a helmet, and give it a go. Well out of the way of anyone, because unless you're Philippe Petit, you're very likely to come off a few times.

Practice with the hoverboard for a while before you feel confident that you're in control.

What to Wear when using a Hoverboard?

Like a bike or electric scooter you can still fall off, so this list below guides you on what to wear while riding the Hoverboard

  • A good helmet - Something that will protect your head if you come off.
  • Wrist guards - If you do come off, you'll likely put your hands out to break your fall. This will protect them.
  • Knee guards - Pretty obvious really, to protect your pretty knees.
  • Elbow pads - We all love our elbows right? These will keep them safe.

Are Hoverboards Safe to Use? 

Firstly, you can only ride hoverboards on private land. They are not to be used on public paths or roads, yet. With the clean green revolution on its way through, and with new legislation. Perhaps they will be allowed, maybe in parks and other non-busy areas.

Hoverboards had a period of catching on fire when they first came out due to them overheating. Thankfully, With all the newer Hoverboards, they have in-built safety mechanisms to help stop this. And if you don't ever feel safe on a Hoverboard, just stop and get off.

As long as you're away from people, and you how to use one then Hoverboards are one of the fun-filled ways to scoot about.

Which are the Best Hoverboards to Buy? 

Well, we're a bit of an expert here, on the old Hoverboards. Take theSelf Balancing Hoverboard Scooter here, finished in the stylish Carbon Black 

This quick and exciting fun Hoverboard works for both adults and children. A good solid choice, with in-built safety to keep your mind at ease.

Not only that, but it arrives in lots of different finishes, allowing you to choose the colour which meets your personality.

Or for the more adventurous in you, check theHM2 Off- Road Hoverboard. Yes, we said it. Off-road. Allowing you to whizz through the mud, sand and gravel due to its powerful motors and bigger chunky tyres. Take your adventuring and journey off-road!

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