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The Top 5 Best Electric Scooters


The Top 5 Best Electric Scooters

We show you the Top 5 Best Electric Scooters that offer the greatest features under £600

We're gathering the top 5 best electric scootersthat tick all the boxes and offer the ultimate electric scooter experience. We'll look at all the features and really narrow down what it takes to be the ultimate electric scooter!

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular across the world. Offering a fun, quick, and green way of getting from A to B. More UK Cities are taking up Electric Scooter hire schemes, such as Vois in Liverpool. Making them extremely accessible for everyone. Cutting traffic and vehicles emissions in the largest of UK cities.

They're also popular in and around European cities such as Cologne with the US company Spin. Another US company, Bird Scooters, are in the process of putting its e scooters in 50 European cities.

As the rules for operating electric scooters become more solid in the UK, you'll start to see more of them as you're out and about. With this guide, we'll explain what an electric scooter is and which ones are in the top 5.

What is an Electric Scooter?

To put it simply, anelectric scooter is a two-wheeled one-person vehicle that is propelled by a motor. Generally, you stand up but for the more relaxed of us, they're arriving with seats these days. For a more chilled cruising. Very similar to an electric bike but without all the tight clothing and weird cycling obsession.

Their speeds can be from a mere 15 Km/h up to a nippy 30 Km/h, with a range of up to 35 km on a full battery charge. Modern e-scooters have a load of the latest technology including BlueTooth connection, power-assisted brakes, lights, and quick battery charges. 

All of this in one lightweight unit, that can be usually folded up for easy storage and transportation. They can be charged up to full in a few hours.

What's more, they're really green as they're not pumping any nasty emissions into the atmosphere. So as you pootle along nipping in and out of traffic, you can feel completely smug knowing you're not doing any environmental damage.

What features should the Top 5 Best Electric Scooters have?

Definitely brakes of course! Ok, so what features apart from brakes should electric scooters have? A decent range, competitive speeds, lights and reflective surfaces to name a few. A not-to-long charge time is handy. You don't want to be hanging around while your scooter charges up. Connection to BlueTooth is another handy feature. With an app you can track the battery charge, monitor the range, speed control, auto-power off, and much more!

Top 5 Best Electric Scooters Essential Key Features:

  • A Decent Range. You don't want to get stuck miles from home.
  • Competitive Speed settings so that you're not too fast or too slow
  • Lights for illuminating oneself
  • Good brakes so that stopping is safe
  • Bluetooth Technology with App Connectivity

Show me the Top 5 Best Electric Scooters

So here we are. The ultimate list featuring thetop 5 electric scooters. We're going to go through each one explaining its features and details.

  1. AOVO Pro Electric Scooter
  2. ISCOOTER E9 Pro Adults Electric Scooter
  3. KUGOO M4 Pro Electric Scooter with Seat
  4. FUNDOT Kids Electric Scooter
  5. VFLY V10 Electric Scooter

The Top 5 Best Electric Scooters

AOVO Pro Electric Scooter

We choose the AOVO Pro Electric Scooter for number one because it ticks all the boxes. TheAOVO Pro Electric Scooter lands at under £300 meaning it won't break the bank and comes with a plethora of cool features that make it one of the best all-round scooters in the UK.

This scooter can reach speeds up to 31 kph with an available modification that you can easily do yourself. We're in no way endorsing that buthere it is if you want to check it out.

The AOVO has quite a good range from 30km to 35km depending on the ride weight and can climb hills up to a 20-degree angle. Nobody likes hills! The chunky 8.5" tyres give a comfortable ride feel. And with an electric brake and disc brake, this AOVO scooter is super safe.

Having a short 4 to 5 hour charge time really is a winner for this e scooter. You can quickly charge it up, hop on, and ride into the sunset. 

It has all the usual app features including current speed indicator, remaining power gauge, speed control, total trip/this trip range, lights on/off, and automatic power off. Phew! I great bunch of features and details that really covers everything you need to know.

In conclusion, we love this scooter because it does really cover everything at a great price.

ISCOOTER E9 Pro Adult Electric Scooter

Arriving at the number two spot is the fantastic ISCOOTER E9 Pro Adult Electric Scooter. Again, another scooter under £300 which makes it super competitive on price and won't break the bank.

With a top speed of 25 Km/h, you can whizz on yourISCOOTER E9 Pro Scooter easily through the streets, taking your favourite electric transport on an urban adventure. It can climb hills up to 20 degrees which beats walking and can take a full load of 120kg. Plenty of room for the shopping.

Its range lands from 30km to 35km meaning you have plenty of distance to cover before the battery charge drops out. 

The charge time isn't too bad at all. 4 to 5 hours and you're away!

The app has the same features as the AOVO Scooter covering current speed indicator, remaining power gauge, speed control, total trip/this trip range, lights on/off, and automatic power off. Very comprehensive! 

This scooter is another great all-round powerhouse, delivering everything you want from an Electric Scooter, at a fantastic price!

KUGOO M4 Pro Electric Scooter with Seat

If you're looking for a professional scooter that puts comfort at the forefront then look no further than the KUGOO M4 Pro Electric Scooter with Seat. Yes, a seat. At just under the £600 mark it is twice as expensive as the AOVO and ISCOOTER but you do get a lot more functions and features.

First of all, thanks to its 500-watt motor, this scooter can propel you at 45 Km/h. Whoosh! You've got to be quite scooter proficient on this beast. It has a steeper climb angle than the first two. A whopping 27 degrees!

Let's talk about the seat. Yes, for all you scooter sleuths out there it has a seat. So comfort is a priority on the KUGOO M4. And it features 10" tyres to take those bumps and lumps on your way.

Its maximum payload is 150kg and has a very long range of up to 65 km! (Based on a riding weight of 70kg). It's a real touring electric scooter, ideal for a daily expedition.

A full charging time is up to 7 hours, which can be a bit long for some folks and it weighs 26 kgs. A little on the heavy side.

It has a great security system. A mechanical lock that comes with two keys. You can only ride once your key is in there helping to prevent your KUGOO from being stolen.

The app arrives with all the similar information including current speed, battery, total mileage, and current mileage.

The KUGOO M4 Pro is the Rolls Royce of the electric scooter world. If you love the comfort and want something that is a step up from the others. The KUGOO M4 is definitely worth the price!

FUNDOT Kids Electric Scooter

An entry-level electric scooter that is for kids. The FUNDOT Kids Electric Scooter is perfect to introduce the small one in your life to the world of electric scooters.

It arrives with a competitive top speed of 25 Km/h, not too slow and not too fast, meaning it's the perfect segway into faster scooters further down the line.

TheFUNDOT Kids Electric Scooter range isn't too bad at a secure 20km, so plenty of scope for scooter urban adventures. And the climb angle is cool at 17 degrees.

It comes with front and rear brakes which means your loved ones can stop safely. The reflective strips help to be seen and the 8" chunky tyres mean you won't feel those minor bumps on your kids' journey.

A short 4 to 5 charge time means this scooter is up and running quickly. Its max payload is 100kg, because it's aimed at kids but still has plenty of weight room for extras.

A fantastic way for your little loved ones entry into the exciting world of electric scooters.

VFLY V10 Electric Scooter

The VFLY V10 Electric Scooter lies comfortably in between the AOVO and the KUGOO M4. The price point is just over the £400 mark but you do get a bit more for your money.

The 500-watt motor allows a pretty decent top speed of 30 Km/h. This lets you effortlessly dart around the urban environment with ease and grace.

It has another massive range of 65 km, meaning you can take this little old beast on plenty of urban adventures. Hills aren't an issue as it has a climb angle of 20 degrees.

Its anti-skid tyres are of 10" chunky size. Allowing you to navigate and master those city bumps with ease. TheVFLY V10 arrives with dual disc brakes for ultimate stopping and safety!

The charge time is 4 to 7 hours, which is a compromise on the fantastic features you get with this scooter. A max payload of 120 kg allows those extras to be carried without any issues.

The front light will show the way when the sun goes down and works with an app.

Overall, a great all-rounder that lies comfortably in between the AOVO and KUGOO Scooters. At £400 it's a little more than the AOVO or ISCOOTER but that extra range does tick a box here! 

A final thought on the top 5 best Electric Scooters

Whatever your preference for anelectric scooter we've delivered a good range in this guide. Whether you're after an all-rounder or super-comforter, or even one for the kids we have covered it here. The range of prices lies between £240 and £600 meaning there is a price point for everyone. 

Whichever one you decide to buy, you definitely won't be disappointed!

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