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Ten Perfect Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Bike Now

Ten Perfect Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Bike Now

Is the Electric Bike the Future?

The Electric Bike, it's getting popular everywhere these days and quite rightly so. Taking the hard bit out of your journey, they're easily becoming  one of the most common electric vehicles
of the 21st Century. Prices are coming down and the technology is getting better. As electric cars are still quite expensive, we ask, is the electric bike the future?

So hop on and saddle up. Let us explore ten reasons why you should definitely get an Electric Bike.

Increase Your Fitness Strength

Do electric bikes increase your fitness strength? But they're electric. Of course, but you can still pedal them. In fact, you don't even need to use the electric motor at all. You can just pedal from A to B. 

And if you're just starting out on a bicycle again, they're ideal for slowly building up fitness strength. Most electric bikes have a power-assist mode which uses the motor along with your pedalling. Allowing you to get used to cycling again.

Lean Green Eco-Friendly Machine

While cars are still pumping out CO2 into the atmosphere you can be gliding in and out of them knowing full well the  carbon footprint of your electric bike is way smaller.

Swapping your car out for an electric bike is the perfect way of reducing your everyday impact on the environment. As an electric bike enthusiast, you'll also inspire others to ditch their car for a more eco-friendly type of transport.

And if you can charge with  renewable energy then you win massive bonus points. Get an e-bike and go green. It's that simple.

Hills? What are those?

As you arrive at the bottom of the hill on your bike, you always think to yourself, what have I done to deserve this? Well actually with a electric bike hills are no more trouble than a small bump in the road.

Just switch over to electric and let the motor take over. You'll be whizzing up those pesky hills in no time. Most E-Bikes have a decent climb percentage. So even if it's a steep hill, it's still not a problem.

And, if you're feeling adventurous, just turn on power-assist pedalling. People will stare in awe as it looks like you're pedalling up the hill with ease. Cycling level bonus.

Bike Design for Everyone

Whether you're a daily commuter, an occasional night flyer, or a weekend devotee, there is a bike for every rider. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the compact and foldable design to a  full-on electric road bike. Whatever your preference, I can guarantee there is an electric bike made just for you.

Folding bikes like the Fiido L3 is the perfect design for the regular commuter. A larger battery means you can go further and won't have to charge up for days. The L3 can go up to 200 Km without recharging!

Or if serious riding is more your thing, then theBoardman ADV 8.9 road bike with the power-assisted pedal is your weekend ride. Styled completely like a road bike, the Boardman is a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. One for the lycra wearers in the family.

They're Quicker than you Think

As soon as you get on one, you'll realise how quick they are. As you saddle up and throttle down you'll feel the wind in your hair and the whoosh of acceleration.

Even the humble folding bikes have decent top speeds. Take the Fiido D4S. Quite unassuming but this Bmx styled electric bike can propel you in and around the urban landscape at a rate of 30 Km/h. 

And the speed is completely controllable. Built-up area? Slow down. Traffic jam? Slow down. Wanna look cool in front of the local kids? Slow down. Actually, probably speed up for that one.

With motors getting smaller and more powerful, you'll soon be keeping up with cars and they're looking atincreasing the top legal speed of electric bikes to 20 Mph safely, to give riders that extra boost.

Cheaper than a Car

We all know how expensive cars are. Not only are we putting fuel in them every week. You've got tax, insurance, maintenance, and repairs, the list goes on. Seriously expensive.

With an electric bike, your fuel comes out of the plug on the wall and costs a few pounds a week to charge. No tax or car insurance. Maintenance and repairs are way down on the low side if you're careful.

Not only that, while cars are waiting in traffic burning fuel, you can nip around them carefully to the front.

And, if you run out of charge on your electric bike, heaven forbid, you can just use your legs and pedal your way to your destination. Try telling that to a motorist when their car runs out of fuel...

Perfect for Commuting

The  daily commute. It's a bit rubbish, right? Slow traffic, angry motorists, trains and buses being overcrowded, noisy and smelly. Ok, maybe not smelly. Wouldn't you just like to fly on by, with a breeze in your helmet, the open road ahead. Office papers trailing behind. 

The Electric Bike is the perfect way for your daily commute. Especially the foldable ones like theOnebot S6 Folding BikeWith a maximum weight of 120 Kg you can carry your laptop, lunch, and other office supplies easily.

And when you land at work, you just fold it up and carry it in. Super safe, super secure, super commuter. You'll be the office hero. 

Wind, what Wind?

Nobody likes wind. Unless it's behind you, pushing you along. But if it's blowing full-on in your face as you struggle with the pedals. That's just unpleasant. Or if it's coming at the side like a crosswind. Again, just not nice. Thanks to the electric bike, your windy days are over.

Just turn on the motor and balance yourself. Let the motor take over and relax as the wind rushes around you.

Fun Times a Riding

As well as a whole host of  practical and  eco-friendlyreasons you need to own an electric bike, they're also fun. Like really fun. What other mode of transport can you ride in and out of traffic, through the park, and along the canal? If the answer is a car, then you need your licence removing. 

Seriously though, being strapped to a frame and wheels, being propelled by a motor is just the best feeling in the world.  

Explore the World

Commuting, it's not as fun as urban adventuring. And with an electric bike, you can explore the urban landscape or the rugged wilderness effortlessly.

Take in the country air, pubs, and villages. And thanks to a lot of electric bikes having a decent range, you can go for miles and miles.

If you're not the fittest, and after lockdown, some of us aren't you can still enjoy the ride without worrying about tiring yourself out.

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