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Why Do We Love the Electric Scooter?

Why Do We Love the Electric Scooter?

Is Our Love For the Electric Scooter Going to Make It The Future of Transport?

More cities are taking on theelectric scooter hiring schemes, such as Voi in Liverpool, as a green and cheap form of getting from A to B. They're quick to learn and fun to ride, making them extremely popular in and around the cities they're located in. Just download the app, hop on, and away you go. Cruise the urban district with style. You can even do your shopping, visit the gym, or even commute to work.

You don't need to be a genius to operate one either. With a bit of practice, you will be using an electric scooter within half an hour of trying one for the first time. Seriously, you will. And You will love it. 

Are Electric Scooters Legal?

At this time it is illegal to ride a privately owned electric scooter in a public space. You are only allowed to ride these on privately owned land with permission from the owner. I mean we all know someone with a spare piece of private land right? You could have points or face a fine if you use one where it shouldn't be used.

The only scooters that are legal to ride on the roads are the ones in the cities backed by government schemes. However, the Transport Committee of MPs has called for private Electric Scooters, like Electric Bikes to be legalized on the roads. 

The reasons being:

  • Reduced journey times. Can be quicker than cars.
  • Used for deliveries instead of mopeds
  • Allowing people from poorer backgrounds to avoid the cost of a driving licence
  • They offer a greener more eco-friendly form of transport
  • Little or zero noise pollution
  • Accessible by everyone

They can and are misused. But also so are cars, motorbikes, and even bicycles. Pedal and electric. So is our love for the electric scooter going to make it the future of transport? We look at the favourable reasons why this may happen.

Reduced Journey Times

Imagine you've got a line of cars in front of you at traffic lights and you're on a bike (Electric or Pedal). What do you do? Well, you go around them and get to the front. That little box at the front is where you on your bike can sit safely until the lights go green.

It's the same on a scooter. You can nip and dive, safely, through traffic and get right to the front. All of this reducing your overall journey time. Giving you the time to do more of the stuff you like. Like rock climbing or going to that silent disco, you've always fancied.

Deliveries on an Electric Scooter

You know the feeling. It's late, you can't be bothered to cook dinner, that cat is lying in front of the fridge. Whatever the reason we all love a takeaway. And with more and more restaurants and takeaways signing up to the likes of Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat the roads are just going to get busier with moped delivery drivers.

The ranges on electric scooters are getting better. Take theVFLY V10 Electric Scooter for example, with its huge range of 65km! Perfect for delivering your tasty takeaway!

Allowing them to use an electric scooter rather than a moped or even a car not only takes away that traffic from the road but also makes the delivery greener and quicker.

No stuck in traffic offering late deliveries. And certainly, no climate-damaging petrol or diesel fumes being pumped into the atmosphere. 

Not only can we look at food delivery companies, but we can also look at courier services. Small package delivery would be also more eco-friendly and quicker.

Allowing People from Poorer Backgrounds Avoid the Cost of a Driving Licence

Most of us have had little or no money at some point in our life. Not everyone can afford a car, let alone all the costs of running one. The electric scooter can be a cost-effective alternative form of transport for those people that can't afford to own or run a car. It could get you to work, to interviews, or even to the shops, where a car would be handy. And the running costs will be low low low!

Low-Carbon Mode of Transport

Let's face it. We're in a climate crisis at the moment. And we all need to do our bit. Owning an electric scooter is the perfect way to cut your carbon footprint. The e-scooter is a mean green form of transport that pumps no emissions into the atmosphere.

Also, if you use a renewable energy source of electricity to charge your electric scooter, it's almost completely carbon-free. So strap on kids the electric green future is coming!

Little or Zero Noise Pollution

Ever hear a motorbike coming down the road. Of course, you have! They're not exactly subtle or quiet, right? The same with some cars. Noisy, smelly hunks of metal. Fair? Well, the great thing about electric scooters is that they're almost silent, like bicycles. Early morning and late evening suburban cruising is not a problem.

But what about pedestrians? I hear you say. Well, most electric scooters arrive fitted with a bell or horn. Just like bikes. Beep beep!

Roads will certainly become more peaceful and tranquil. Well, definitely peaceful. Tranquil is going a little far.

Accessible by Everyone

The great thing about electric scooters is that they're accessible to everyone. Especially with the hire schemes, it doesn't matter your age or social standing. They're cheap to hire and run. Not everyone has access to a car but most people could ride an electric scooter.

The price range of electric scooters is coming down. Check theEmoko T9 Electric Scooter, at just under £300, it’s a steal!

The Last Word on Electric Scooters

It's easy to love the electric scooter. We need more types of greener modes of transport on the roads, and bikes aren't for everyone. We know there are going to be hurdles to jump through before privately-owned electric scooters will be allowed on the roads. With luck, they'll open the e-scooter hire schemes right across the UK. Allowing more access to this fun and eco-friendly transport.

The reasons listed are just some of the advantages of the electric scooter. There are many more. As the world shifts over to more and more electric vehicle options, it's only a matter of time before we see these lean green electric machines on the road and become the future of transport.

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