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Will You Love the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter?

We look at the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter in detail with all it's features and ask if it's one of the best Electric Scooters on the Market Today?

Designed by Chinese Tech pioneers Xiaomi, the is modern interpretation of its earlier Electric Scooters, the Essential, 1S and Pro 2. With these all out in 2020, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter has arrived mid 2021.

Designed by Chinese Tech pioneers Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter is modern interpretation of its earlier Electric Scooters, the Essential, 1S and Pro 2. With these all out in 2020, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter has arrived mid 2021.

The first Xiaomi Scooter was the M365 which came out in 2016, followed by the M365 Pro in 2018. All designed by Xiaomi but manufactured by Ninebot, each release of Xiaomi Electric Scooter models had small improvements than the last.

That brings us right up to the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter in 2021. Is it all it's cracked up to be? We dive in and have a look.

First Impressions

 It looks like an Electric Scooter and it drives like one, but is their more? Actually, it looks pretty good, with smooth lines and a future-styled aesthetic look. A little more modern looking than your usual scooter. The Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter arrives in a modern Onyx Black finish, with black handbars, and blue detailing. First impressions of the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter is that it looks stylish and will certainly turn heads.

Give Me Power

Ok how fast is it? The Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter is capable of a top-speed of 25 Km/h (16 Mph) which is pretty standard for most scooters these days. Thanks to it's low-centre of gravity, it accelerates and brakes smoothly, like it should. 

It arrives with three speed modes designed for maximum control in the area you're riding in. Pedestrian allows a slow speed of 0 - 5 Km/h, which is perfect for navigating tight bends. Standard mode goes from 0 right up to 20 Km/h, which is enough to cruise along the track comfortably and in full control. Sport mode takes it beyond 20 Km/h upto it's top-speed of 25 Km/h. These three speeds allow a smooth operation of the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter.

Hills are always the bane of Electric Scooter riders. With the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter it'll happily zip up a hill up to a 16% gradient thanks to its powerful 600 Watt motor. You'll be smiling as the Xiaomi Mi 3 climbs smooth and quickly right up that hill.

With a full range of 30 Km this electric scooter is going places. That's 18 miles folks, 18 miles of fun and frolics on a eco-friendly green machine.

Safety First

When it comes to Electric Scooters, stopping quickly and safely is important. Safe for you, and safe for whatever made you put the brakes on.

Firstly, the Xiaomi Mi 3 has a fantastic rear dual-pad disc brake which offers a more sturdy and safer stop. Responsive and quick, it allows the Electric Scooter to come to a stop without wearing the brake pads down quickly.

It comes with a pair of 8.5" Pneumatic tyres, treaded properly of course for ultimate grip. No suspension means these tyres take all the bumps offering a smooth ride on a bumpy surface. The only downside is that they're susceptible to punctures. The front wheel has a cover to stop dust and grit from getting trapped and ruining the wheel.

Thanks to a bunch of lights and reflectors, the Mi 3 lights up like Blackpool Illuminations. Featuring a bright LED front light shining the way home to a LED rear warning light telling the folk behind where you are. It also comes with four side reflectors. Each one is situated on either side of the wheel area. Personally, I think the more the better. Light the scooter up!

Better Battery Design

Battery wise, it's situated under that grippy deck. It has some nice touches to protect and lengthen the battery life. If the battery is under 30%, and the Mi 3 hasn't been used for ten days in a row, it'll enter sleep mode extending the battery's life. It also gets double protection from overcharging and discharging, short circuit protection, temperate protection, and short circuit protection. In a nutshell, Xiaomi really wants to look after your battery. And that's a good thing!

 A five and half hour charge time is reasonable to get the battery up to full. That's not bad considering a lot of electric scooters take a lot longer.

Folding Lightweight Frame

With a frame designed and crafted from high-strength aviation-grade Series 6 aluminium alloy, you'll know it's sturdy and solid as anything. I mean the name of the material is long enough for a start! This aluminium alloy makes the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter only weighs 13 Kg, which is incredibly light! 

It folds down with ease and locks tightly. Easy to throw in the back of a car.

It'll take up to a max load of 100 Kg, meaning you can carry a fair decent weight.

Loaded with Top Tech

The HUD display is bright and clear, showing everything you need to operate the scooter. Clean and easy to read, you'll have no trouble checking your speed with this display. And if that isn't enough you can download the Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app which opens up a ton more features for the Xiaomi Mi 3. Firmware upgrades, Bluetooth capabilities for locking and unlocking plus lots of riding data for you to fawn and peruse over. One for the tech-heads.

So is the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter one of the best out there?

Well, yes, it has everything a scooter has plus a little more. It's like Xiaomi took everything they learnt from previous incarnations of the Xiaomi electric scooters and made it better. Lots of nice touches, like the improved brakes and the battery protection, will have scooter-heads flocking for this single-passenger electric vehicle. 

It's a clear winner and the perfect scooter for the electric scooter enthusiast and one that you'll love for a while. Well, until the next one comes out, but for now, this is the one. 


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