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Emoko HT-T4 Max Foldable Adult Electric Scooter - 120 Kg Payload, 500W Peak Wattage - Max Range of 60KM - 10" Chunky Tubeless Tire - 24-Month Warranty

Experience the ultimate ride with the Emoko HT-T4 Max Foldable Adult Electric Scooter. With a maximum payload of 120 kg and a powerful 500W peak wattage motor, this scooter delivers impressive performance. Enjoy a max range of 60 km on a single charge and tackle any terrain with ease thanks to the 10" chunky tubeless tires. With a 24-month warranty, ride confidently knowing you have reliable support. Upgrade your scooter journey with the Emoko HT-T4 Max Foldable Adult Electric Scooter.

In addition to the electric scooter, the box includes essential accessories and tools to enhance your experience:

  1. - Charger
  2. - User Manual
  3. - Tools
  • Timely delivery within 4 to 8 business days via DPD
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty ensuring prompt assistance in case of scooter issues. We facilitate the return to the manufacturer's repair center or provide replacement parts as necessary.
  • Dedicated after-sales support available on weekdays, Monday to Friday
  • Klarna - Effortlessly manage your budget with the option to split any purchase into three interest-free payments. Available in supported countries based on your location: IE/FR/ES/IT/BE/AT/FI/NL/DE. For assistance with Klarna, please refer to our help page.
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Free Express Delivery

Delivery in 4 to 8 working days by DPD -(Free over €100)

After Sales Care

After sales care Monday to Friday

Fully Tested Before Dispatch

We check everything is working as it should before we send out your order

24 Month Warranty

The warranty covers the motor, battery, charger, frame, mudguards, computer.

Ultimate Freedom at Its Peak

Designed for experienced riders seeking enhanced performance, the Electric Scooter offers an extended range and higher top speed, catering to those who crave an exhilarating ride. But the benefits extend beyond just the thrill—the T4 Max Electric Scooter is also a sustainable choice, contributing to a greener environment. So gear up, hop on, and unlock a world of excitement and liberation with the T4 Max Electric Scooter.

Equipped with both front and rear LED lights, the T4 Max Electric Scooter prioritizes safety during your rides. The rear LED tail light shines brightly, ensuring visibility during nighttime adventures or in dimly lit environments. This feature allows the scooter to stand out from behind, catching the attention of others and ensuring you're noticed easily. Additionally, the tail light is integrated with the braking system, automatically blinking whenever you engage the brakes. This functionality serves as a clear signal to the traffic behind you, indicating your intention to slow down or stop. Regardless of whether the lights are turned on or off, this feature remains active, ensuring your safety is not compromised.

Embrace the freedom to ride day or night, knowing that the T4 Max Electric Scooter prioritizes both your visibility and the safety of those around you. By incorporating these innovative lighting features, the scooter enhances your overall riding experience while promoting awareness on the road.

Experience the joy of cruising on the T4 Max Electric Scooter, designed for riders who crave exhilaration and appreciate sustainable transportation. With its extended range, higher top speed, and thoughtful safety features, this scooter offers a thrilling and eco-conscious mode of transportation that sets you free.

Key Features of the Emoko T4 Max Electric Scooter

The Emoko T4 Max Electric Scooter boasts an array of key features that elevate your riding experience to new heights. Here are the standout features that make this scooter a top choice:

  1. Speed Indicator with Four Drive Modes: Stay informed and in control with the speed indicator that displays your current speed. Additionally, the scooter offers four different drive modes, allowing you to choose the level of power and speed that suits your preferences and riding conditions.
  2. Powerful 15AH Battery for Long Distance Adventures: The T4 Max is equipped with a high-capacity 15AH battery, providing ample power for extended adventures. This robust battery ensures that you can enjoy long-distance rides without worrying about running out of power.
  3. App Function Compatible: The scooter is compatible with a dedicated mobile app, opening up a world of possibilities. Through the app, you can access additional features, customize settings, track your rides, and even connect with a community of fellow riders.
  4. Remaining Power Indicator for Charging: Stay informed about the battery level with the remaining power indicator. This feature allows you to plan your rides and ensures that you're aware of when it's time to recharge the scooter.
  5. Journey Trip Tracking and Range Function: Keep track of your journeys with the trip tracking feature. Whether you're exploring new routes or simply monitoring your mileage, this function provides valuable insights about your rides. Additionally, the range function helps you estimate the distance you can travel based on the remaining battery power.
  6. Front and Rear Lights for Safety: The T4 Max prioritizes your safety with front and rear lights. These lights enhance visibility, allowing you to see clearly and be seen by others, ensuring a safer riding experience, especially during low-light conditions.
  7. Auto Power Off to Save Battery Life: The scooter is equipped with an auto power-off feature that intelligently shuts down the scooter after a period of inactivity. This helps conserve battery life and ensures that the scooter is ready for your next ride.

The Emoko T4 Max Electric Scooter combines advanced features with practical functionality, making it a standout choice for riders seeking an exceptional and enjoyable riding experience. From speed control to long-distance capabilities and intelligent features, this scooter offers everything you need for a thrilling and convenient ride.

The Emoko T4 Max Electric Scooter: A Serious Contender in Speed

Experience the pinnacle of electric scooter engineering with the T4 Max, a remarkable creation that encompasses a multitude of premium features. One standout attribute is its impressive top speed of 25 Kph, positioning it as one of the fastest electric scooters to hit the EU market. With this remarkable velocity, the T4 Max leaves other scooters in the dust, ensuring an exhilarating and thrilling ride like no other.

But speed is not the only exceptional characteristic of the T4 Max. It also boasts an extraordinary range of 40-60 Km (NO LOAD), allowing you to embark on extensive journeys without worrying about battery life. This scooter takes you further and faster, providing an unparalleled level of freedom and exploration. Whether you're commuting, running errands, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, the T4 Max keeps you going with remarkable efficiency and stamina.

Equipped with a powerful peak wattage of 500W motor, the T4 Max conquers steep hills with ease. No longer will uphill climbs be a challenge; this scooter effortlessly tackles inclines, providing a smooth and seamless ride throughout your entire journey. Traveling on this beast of a scooter becomes an incredibly exciting and empowering experience, as it effortlessly propels you to new heights.

Prepare yourself for an entirely new level of excitement and convenience as you navigate through your surroundings on the T4 Max. Its premium features and exceptional performance make it a standout choice for riders seeking an extraordinary and thrilling mode of transportation. Unleash the power of the T4 Max and embrace a world of unparalleled excitement and adventure.

Engineered for an Exhilarating Ride

Experience the reliability and durability of the T4 Max electric scooter, designed with a meticulously engineered Aluminium Alloy frame. This frame provides a solid and sturdy foundation for the scooter, ensuring stability and longevity. Ride with confidence, knowing that your electric vehicle is built to withstand the demands of everyday use.

In addition to its robust frame, the T4 Max features beefy 10" anti-skid inflatable Tubeless Tyres. These high-quality tires are designed to enhance your riding experience by providing exceptional comfort. The anti-skid feature ensures superior traction, allowing you to navigate various terrains with ease. Whether you're cruising on smooth pavement or tackling uneven surfaces, the T4 Max guarantees a smooth and enjoyable ride.

With a maximum payload capacity of 120 kgs, the T4 Max offers ample space for all your favorite gear. Whether you're embarking on an expedition, running errands, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, you can bring along everything you need without worrying about weight restrictions. The generous payload capacity ensures that your adventure is not limited by what you can carry, enabling you to fully enjoy the journey.

Embrace the sturdy construction, exceptional comfort, and ample payload capacity of the T4 Max electric scooter. This vehicle is designed to provide a reliable and comfortable ride, accommodating your gear and ensuring a smooth journey. Explore with confidence, knowing that the T4 Max is ready to accompany you on your expeditions and everyday adventures.

Unparalleled Safety Features

The T4 MAX electric scooter prioritizes safety with its array of exceptional features. With a sturdy frame as its foundation, this scooter ensures a secure and reliable riding experience.

Equipped with two brake systems, the T4 MAX offers enhanced braking performance. At the front, a robust drum brake provides powerful and reliable stopping ability, allowing you to bring the scooter to a halt quickly and efficiently even from maximum speeds. This brake system ensures your safety by providing strong and dependable stopping power, giving you peace of mind during your rides.

In addition to the front drum brake, the T4 MAX features an electric regenerative brake system at the rear. This system not only helps to gradually slow down the scooter but also harnesses the energy generated during braking and sends it back to the battery, extending the scooter's range. This regenerative braking feature promotes energy efficiency and sustainability, making the most out of every ride.

Safety is further enhanced with the T4 MAX's life waterproof design. Come rain, wind, or shine, you can confidently cruise around on this scooter. While it is built to withstand various weather conditions, it is important to note that the water depth should not reach the bottom plate to maintain optimal performance.

If you're seeking an electric scooter that offers a thrilling and fully electric experience, the T4 MAX is the perfect choice. With its impressive speed and extended range, this scooter will not disappoint. Experience the freedom of faster speeds and longer rides while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the T4 MAX's exceptional safety features.

Specifications of the T4 Max Electric Scooter

  • Type: Electric Scooter
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Max Speed: 25 Kph (NO LOAD)
  • Speed Modes: 3 Different Speed Modes
  • Colors: Tech Black/Tech White
  • Max Range per Charge: 40-60KM (NO LOAD)
  • Battery: 36V - 540Wh Massive
  • Max Load: 120KG (286.6 lbs)
  • Motor Power: 36V 500W Peak Wattage
  • Tyres: 10" Anti-Skid Tubeless Tyres
  • Charging Time: 5 to 7 Hours
  • Charging Voltage: AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Max Climbing Angle: 15° to 25°
  • Product Weight: 20.9 Kg (46.07 lbs)
  • Product Size (L x W x H): 1167 x 472 x 1203mm (unfolded); 1170 x 200 x 570 mm (Folded)

T4 MAX Electric Scooter with Front Shock Absorption

In response to the needs of our valued customers, we have developed and designed an enhanced version of the T4 MAX Electric Scooter with a front shock absorber system. This new feature has been carefully engineered to alleviate vibrations, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride for you. With the addition of the front suspension system, you can further enhance your riding experience, especially when navigating uneven or bumpy terrains.

The T4 MAX with front shock absorber retains all the outstanding performance parameters of the original T4 MAX model. You can still enjoy the same top speed, range, power, and load capacity that made the T4 MAX a highly sought-after electric scooter. The only difference lies in the newly incorporated front suspension system, which adds an extra layer of comfort and improved ride quality.

With the front shock absorber system, you can confidently traverse city streets and narrow alleyways, knowing that the vibrations from uneven surfaces will be effectively dampened. This enhancement ensures that you can maintain better control and stability while minimizing discomfort during your rides.

Experience the upgraded T4 MAX Electric Scooter with its added front shock absorber system and take your riding experience to the next level. Enjoy the same impressive performance parameters combined with improved vibration reduction, allowing you to ride with greater confidence and enjoyment, even on challenging urban terrains.

T4 MAX Electric Scooter with Connectivity Feature

The T4 MAX Electric Scooter offers a wide range of connectivity features, allowing you to stay connected and maximize your riding experience. Here are the exceptional app functions and features that come with the scooter:

  1. Speed Indicator with Four Drive Modes: Stay informed about your current speed and select from four different drive modes, tailoring the scooter's performance to match your preferences and the riding conditions.
  2. Powerful Battery for Long Distance Adventures: The T4 MAX is equipped with a powerful battery, ensuring that you can embark on long-distance adventures without worrying about running out of power. Enjoy extended rides and explore further with confidence.
  3. App Function Compatible: The scooter is compatible with a dedicated mobile app that enhances your riding experience. Through the app, you can access a variety of features, customize settings, track your rides, and even connect with a community of fellow riders.
  4. Remaining Power Indicator for Charging: Keep track of the remaining battery power with the indicator feature. This allows you to plan your rides accordingly and ensures that you're aware of when it's time to recharge the scooter.
  5. Journey Trip Tracking and Range Function: The app allows you to track your trips, recording valuable data about your rides. Additionally, the range function estimates the distance you can travel based on the remaining battery power, providing useful information for planning your routes.
  6. See and Be Seen with Front and Rear Lights: The T4 MAX comes equipped with front and rear lights to ensure visibility and safety. Whether riding during the day or at night, these lights enhance your visibility to others, ensuring a safer riding experience.
  7. Auto Power Off to Save Battery Life: The scooter is designed with an auto power-off feature that intelligently shuts down the scooter after a period of inactivity. This helps conserve battery life and ensures that the scooter is ready for your next ride.

With these app functions and features, the T4 MAX Electric Scooter provides a connected and convenient riding experience. Stay informed, track your rides, and customize your scooter's settings through the app, all while enjoying the powerful battery, enhanced visibility, and energy-saving features that the T4 MAX offers.


When you order the T4 Max electric scooter, you can expect the delivery to be made within 4 to 8 working days. Our trusted courier partner, DPD, will handle the delivery process. Once your order is dispatched, you will receive a delivery confirmation email from us, which will include the tracking number and details of the courier. This allows you to track your scooter's journey and stay updated on its progress every step of the way.

In addition to the initial delivery confirmation email, we will also keep you informed about the journey of your delivery. We will send you timely updates via email, ensuring that you are well-informed about the status and expected arrival of your T4 Max electric scooter.

Rest assured that we prioritize a seamless and transparent delivery process. By providing you with the necessary tracking information and regular updates, we aim to make your entire purchasing experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

If you have any further questions or require assistance regarding the delivery of your T4 Max electric scooter, our customer support team is always available to help. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and are ready to address any queries or concerns you may have.

We value your satisfaction with the T4 Max electric scooter, and to ensure your peace of mind, we offer a 30-day return and refund policy. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have the option to return the item within 30 days of receiving it.

To be eligible for a return and refund, the scooter must be returned in its original condition. This means that it should be in the same state as when you received it, with no signs of wear or damage. It should include all the original accessories, manuals, and packaging that came with it. We kindly ask that you handle the scooter with care during the return process to ensure its pristine condition upon arrival.

When initiating a return, please reach out to our customer support team. They will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary instructions and return address. We recommend using a reliable shipping service with tracking capabilities to return the item safely and securely.

Once we receive the returned scooter and verify its condition, we will initiate the refund process. Please note that the refund will be issued using the same payment method used for the original purchase. Depending on your payment provider, it may take some time for the refund to be reflected in your account.

At any point during the return process, if you have any questions or require assistance, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. We strive to make the return and refund process as smooth and hassle-free as possible, ensuring your satisfaction with our services.

Please refer to our return policy for more detailed information or contact our customer support team for any inquiries regarding returns and refunds. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with a positive experience throughout your T4 Max electric scooter journey.

The Emoko Electric Scooter comes with a comprehensive 2-year manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind. In the unlikely event that your scooter develops a fault, you have two options for repair. You can choose to send it to Emoko's authorized repair centre, where their skilled technicians will diagnose and fix the issue. Alternatively, if you are comfortable with repairs, we can provide you with the necessary parts and guidance for self-repair.

It's important to note that the warranty covers specific components, including the motor, computer, mudguard, and battery. However, it does not cover accidental damage or general wear and tear. While the warranty provides valuable protection, it should not be considered a substitute for insurance, which typically offers broader coverage.

To ensure a smooth warranty process, we advise you to keep the original box in a safe place. If you ever need to send the scooter to the repair centre, the box will be required for secure transportation. Please be aware that the courier will not accept the scooter without proper packaging.

Rest assured, we are committed to providing excellent after-sales service and ensuring that you enjoy the full benefits of your Emoko Electric Scooter throughout the warranty period.

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If you have any further questions or need assistance with the payment process, our customer support team is available to help.

Please note that while electric scooters are legal in most European countries, it is important to check your local laws and regulations before making a purchase. Each country may have specific requirements and restrictions that you need to be aware of.

In Germany, for example, motor-powered vehicles like electric scooters require an ABE (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis) certificate. It is important to ensure that the scooter you are purchasing meets these certification requirements. Furthermore, in Germany, riding electric scooters is generally permitted on non-main roads, unmanaged trails, and private land, in compliance with local laws and regulations.

If you are a customer in Germany, please take note that the Emoko Electric Scooter does not have an ABE certificate. By making a purchase, you automatically agree to the sales regulations of our store, and it cannot be refunded on the grounds of lacking an ABE certificate. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, it is essential to be responsible and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations regarding the use of electric scooters.

We always encourage our customers to stay informed about their local regulations and ride responsibly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with their electric scooters.

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