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Revolutionize Your Ride with a Fiido Electric Bike at The Electric Future

Introducing Fiido: Elevate Your Ride with Cutting-Edge Electric Bikes at The Electric Future

Founded in 2017, Fiido is a renowned and innovative brand that specializes in high-tech e-bikes. With a wide selection of electric bikes, Fiido offers options to suit every rider's needs and preferences.

Here at The Electric Future, we proudly stock the stylish Fiido D4S electric bike, available in two attractive colors. This street-styled e-bike combines sleek design with powerful performance. Additionally, we offer the Fiido L3 electric bike, perfect for convenient and efficient commuting.

All Fiido e-bikes come with a comprehensive 24-month warranty, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring the highest level of quality. We also offer flexible payment options, making it easier for you to own your desired Fiido e-bike.

Experience the next level of cycling with Fiido at The Electric Future!
Man carrying Fiido Electric Bike

Fiido Electric Bikes | The Future of E-Cycling

Here at The Electric Future, we proudly present the Fiido D4S and Fiido L3 electric bikes. The Fiido D4S is a stylish urban electric bike with the sleek aesthetics of a BMX. It is available in two striking colors, black and white, and offers a comfortable and efficient ride for urban commuting.

For those seeking a serious commuting solution, we offer the Fiido L3 electric bike. With an impressive range of up to 200 kilometers (with pedal assist), this e-bike is designed to comfortably take you to work and back. Its cushioned seat ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, while the foldable design adds convenience and portability.

Both Fiido electric bikes come with a comprehensive 24-month warranty, providing you with peace of mind. Additionally, we offer flexible payment options to suit your preferences. Discover the future of e-cycling with Fiido at The Electric Future.


At The Electric Future, we proudly offer a selection of Fiido electric bikes. Our inventory includes the popular Fiido D4S Electric Bike, available in two eye-catching colors. We also stock the Fiido L3 Electric Bike, perfect for commuters with its impressive features and functionality. Discover the convenience and joy of riding a Fiido electric bike at The Electric Future.

An electric bike, also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle that is equipped with a motor and a battery. This motor assists the rider by providing additional power, making cycling easier and more enjoyable. Electric bikes come in different variations, including fully pedal-powered, pedal-assisted, or fully electric modes. They offer a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, allowing riders to cover longer distances, climb hills with ease, and commute effortlessly. Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as a practical and sustainable alternative to traditional bicycles and motorized vehicles.

Yes, electric bikes are considered to be environmentally friendly. They produce zero emissions when powered by electricity, which makes them a clean alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Additionally, electric bikes promote sustainable transportation by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to improved air quality. By choosing an electric bike, you can actively participate in reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a greener future.

Yes. Electric bikes are generally legal to ride on roads and designated bike lanes, just like regular bicycles. However, regulations can vary by country and even within different regions or municipalities. It's important to check and familiarize yourself with the specific rules and regulations in your area regarding the use of electric bikes. This may include restrictions on speed, power output, age restrictions, helmet requirements, and where they can be ridden. By staying informed and following local laws, you can ensure a safe and legal riding experience with your electric bike.