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Avastage The Electric Future'is oma noortele ideaalne sõit. Oleme kirglikud, et tutvustada lastele elektriliste tõukerataste põnevust, mistõttu pakume põnevat valikut laste elektrilisi tõukerattaid.

Meie mitmekesisesse valikusse kuuluvad sellised tuntud kaubamärgid nagu AOVO, Kugoo, Iconbit ja palju muud, tagades igale lapsele on sobiv variant. Iga tõukerattaga kaasasoleva 24-kuulise garantiiga võite olla rahulik, teades, et kvaliteet ja vastupidavus on garanteeritud.

Ostu mugavamaks muutmiseks pakume ka paindlikke finantseerimisvõimalusi. Alustage oma lapse elektrilise tõukeratta seiklust juba täna The Electric Future'is!
Child on Electric Scooter

Young Adventurers on Wheels: Kids Electric Scooters

Introduce your child to the world of electric scooters with our range of kids electric scooters. Designed with young riders in mind, these scooters offer a fun and safe way for kids to enjoy their outdoor adventures. Choose from top brands like AOVO, Kugoo, Iconbit, Iscooter, and Fundot, ensuring quality and reliability.

These kids electric scooters are built with durable materials and come in vibrant colors and designs that appeal to children. With features like adjustable speed settings, reliable brakes, and comfortable handles, these scooters provide a smooth and enjoyable riding experience for young riders.

At The Electric Future, we prioritize safety, which is why our kids electric scooters are equipped with safety features such as sturdy construction, responsive brakes, and LED lights for enhanced visibility. With a 24-month warranty included, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child's scooter is covered in case of any manufacturing defects.

Get your child started on their electric scooter journey with our range of kids electric scooters. It's a fantastic way for them to have fun, stay active, and develop their coordination skills. Explore our collection and choose the perfect electric scooter for your young adventurer at The Electric Future.


A kids electric scooter is a fantastic way to introduce young riders to the world of electric mobility. These motorized scooters are specifically designed with children in mind, offering a safe and exciting riding experience. With a motor and battery system, kids can effortlessly glide along with ease.

Compared to adult electric scooters, kids electric scooters typically have lower power output to ensure age-appropriate speed and control. They are equipped with essential features such as brakes, allowing young riders to stop safely and smoothly. Treaded tires provide excellent traction and stability, ensuring a comfortable ride on various surfaces.

In addition to the basic features, some kids electric scooters also come with extra functionalities to enhance the riding experience. These may include suspension systems to absorb bumps and vibrations, Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming, LED lighting for increased visibility, and dedicated apps for interactive features and customization.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to kids electric scooters. Manufacturers prioritize designing scooters with child-friendly features and materials to ensure a secure and enjoyable ride. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are riding on scooters with built-in safety mechanisms and appropriate speed limits.

Whether it's for a fun ride in the park or a convenient mode of transportation, kids electric scooters offer an exciting and eco-friendly way for children to explore their surroundings. Encourage your child's sense of adventure and independence with a reliable and age-appropriate kids electric scooter from trusted brands.

At Electric Future, we understand the importance of offering a wide selection of top-quality kids electric scooters to cater to the varying preferences and needs of young riders. That's why we constantly update our collection with popular and trusted brands, ensuring that we have the latest and greatest options available.

One of the popular brands in our lineup is AOVO, known for their innovative designs and reliable performance. They offer a range of kids electric scooters that combine safety features with fun and excitement. With AOVO, you can trust that your child will have a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

Kugoo is another well-known brand that offers a diverse range of kids electric scooters. Their models are designed with attention to detail and incorporate features that prioritize comfort and stability. Kugoo scooters are built to withstand the adventures of young riders while providing a safe and enjoyable ride.

Iconbit is a brand that focuses on creating stylish and practical kids electric scooters. Their scooters are known for their sleek designs and user-friendly features. Iconbit combines functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that your child can ride in style and confidence.

Iscooter is a brand that offers a range of reliable and affordable kids electric scooters. They prioritize safety and performance, providing young riders with a solid and dependable ride. Iscooter scooters are designed to be user-friendly, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

Fundot is another brand that is gaining popularity in the kids electric scooter market. They offer a variety of models that are designed with a focus on safety, durability, and ease of use. Fundot scooters are built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable ride for your child.

With The Electric Future constantly adding new brands and models to our collection, you can always find the perfect kids electric scooter for your little one. We take pride in curating a range of options that prioritize safety, performance, and fun, so you can have peace of mind while your child explores their world on an electric scooter.

Yes, kids electric scooters are considered environmentally friendly. They operate on electric power, which means they don't emit any harmful gases or pollutants into the atmosphere. This makes them a cleaner and greener mode of transportation compared to traditional scooters or vehicles that run on fossil fuels. By choosing a kids electric scooter, you are not only providing your child with a fun and convenient ride, but also contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

A lot of the countries in Europe such as Germany, France, Poland, and Spain do have rules and regulations that allow you to ride on public roads, public spaces, and bike lanes.

Check with your country's rules on riding your Electric Scooter.