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Fiido | L'avenir électrique

Née en 2017, Fiido est une entreprise high-tech axée sur les vélos électriques qui propose une large gamme de vélos électriques. Avec une gamme aussi large, il y a un vélo électrique Fiido pour tout le monde !

Chez The Electric Future, nous proposons le vélo électrique de style urbain Fiido D4S en deux couleurs, et adapté aux déplacements Vélo électrique Fiido L3e.

Tous les vélos électriques Fiido sont disponibles avec Garantie de 24 mois et options de paiement qui vous convient.
Man carrying Fiido Electric Bike

Fiido Electric Bikes

Here at The Electric Future, we offer two models of Fiido. Firstly, the urban looking Fiido D4S electric bike featuring the aesthetics of a BMX. Available in two colours, Black and white. And for the serious commuter, we present the Fiido L3 electric bike. With a huge range of 200 Km (With pedal assist), a comfortable cushioned seat, and the ability to fold down. It's the perfect e-bike to get you to work and back with ease.


At The Electric Future, we stock the Fiido D4S Electric Bike in two colours and Fiido L3 Electric bike.

An electric bike is a bicycle that has a motor and a battery fitted. Electric bikes can usually be fully pedalled, pedal-assisted, or fully powered. Making them a great form of everyday personal transport.

Yes, they are. They're green when being pedalled and they're green when they're being powered.

Yes. Just like regular bicycles, electric bikes are legal to ride on the roads and cycle lanes.

Check with your country's rules on riding your Electric Scooter.