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autostrada | Il futuro elettrico

Hitway è un'azienda che produce una divertente gamma di potenti scooter elettrici

In The Electric Future, disponiamo del popolare Scooter elettrico Hitway con sedile. Uno dei nostri modelli popolari. Può raggiungere fino a 45 Km/h e raggiungere distanze fino a 40 Km.

Lo scooter elettrico Hitway con sedile è disponibile con una 24 mesi di garanzia e opzioni di pagamento che si adattano a te.
Hitway Electric scooter Handlebars

Ride with Comfort

The Hitway Electric Scooter with Seat is one of our popular models of e-scooter. Thanks to its comfortable seat, quick top speed, and large top range it has proved to be a best-seller at The Electric Future.


We currently stock the Hitway Electric Scooter with Seat at The Electric Future.

An adult electric scooter is a motorised scooter that has a motor and battery that glides you along. They generally have brakes, chunky tyres, LED lighting, sophisticated hardware, and dedicated apps. Some have suspension, Bluetooth, and seats!

Yes. They're pretty green and don’t release any emissions into the atmosphere.

A lot of the countries in Europe such as Germany, France, Poland, and Spain do have rules and regulations that allow you to ride on public roads, public spaces, and bike lanes.

Check with your country's rules on riding your Electric Scooter in public places.