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About Us

How did 'Electric Future' begin?

Here at Electric Future, we love the clean green revolution that is happening all over the planet.

My name is Marc West, and after a career in phone tech in London, I decided to move to Brighton for a more enlightened green future. After encompassing the Brighton way of life and taking many walks along Brighton’s beautiful beaches. I would always look out to sea at Brighton's wind farms and see a green and bright electric future on its way. With the arrival of electric bicycles, cars and vans, such as Tesla, I could see that people would require more inexpensive modes of green personal transport. That is definitely coming on the Horizon.

It's here in Brighton, where I founded 'The Electric Future' selling personal electric vehicles such as Electric Scooters and Hoverboards. Electric Scooters have become really popular in many European countries such as the Netherlands and Germany, where they're freely used around their cities and towns to quickly get around. They're a clean, low-carbon option as a mode of personal transport. 

Perfect for busy cities. 

Here in the UK, they're trialling E-Scooter hire schemes in over 40 towns and cities across England. Right here in Brighton, and other cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Salford, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Newcastle. I believe once these trials are complete, and electric scooters become fully legalised, people will be converted to Electric Scooters as they're affordable, easy-to-maintain, simple to ride, and of course, they don't get stuck in traffic! It's my vision, to have every town and city in the UK full of these electric vehicles. 

Keep it clean, keep it green,

Mr Marc West


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