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Kugoo G Max Electric Scooter - Waterproof - 3 Speed Model -Strong Motor - 120 Kg Payload - Double Brake - 24 Month Warranty

Experience the Future of Mobility with the Kugoo G Max Electric Scooter. Embrace its sleek and stylish design, available in three captivating colors: Classic Black, Cool White, and Urban Grey. Ride in style and turn heads as you effortlessly navigate through the cityscape. This innovative electric scooter combines functionality with aesthetics, allowing you to make a bold statement while enjoying a smooth and efficient ride. Welcome to the future of urban transportation with the Kugoo G Max Electric Scooter.

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  • Timely delivery within 4 to 8 business days via DPD
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty ensuring prompt assistance in case of scooter issues. We facilitate the return to the manufacturer's repair center or provide replacement parts as necessary.
  • Dedicated after-sales support available on weekdays, Monday to Friday
  • Klarna - Effortlessly manage your budget with the option to split any purchase into three interest-free payments. Available in supported countries based on your location: IE/FR/ES/IT/BE/AT/FI/NL/DE. For assistance with Klarna, please refer to our help page.
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Free Express Delivery

Timely delivery within 4 to 8 business days via DPD

After Sales Care

Dedicated after-sales support available on weekdays, Monday to Friday

Fully Tested Before Dispatch

We check everything is working as it should before we send out your order

24 Month Warranty

Comprehensive 2-year warranty ensuring prompt assistance in case of scooter issues. We facilitate the return to the manufacturer's repair center or provide replacement parts as necessary

Experience the Thrill of Speed and Eco-Friendly Travel with the Green Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter.

The Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter offers an exhilarating ride, allowing you to cruise at impressive speeds of up to 37 Km/h (22.99 mph). Feel the wind in your hair as you effortlessly glide through the streets, enjoying the thrill of high-speed travel.

What sets the Green Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter apart is its commitment to environmental sustainability. By opting for this electric scooter, you contribute to reducing harmful emissions that negatively impact the atmosphere. Embrace eco-conscious transportation and ride with the knowledge that you're doing your part to protect the environment.

Gone are the days of traditional scooters that release harmful pollutants into the air. The Green Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter offers a cleaner and greener alternative, ensuring that your journeys are not only exciting but also environmentally friendly. Feel a sense of pride as you zoom past, knowing that you're making a positive impact by reducing your carbon footprint.

Choose the Green Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter and embrace the future of sustainable urban transportation. Enjoy the thrill of high-speed travel without compromising the well-being of the planet. Experience the perfect balance between speed and environmental consciousness with the Green Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter, and ride with a sense of adventure and responsibility.

Highlighted Features of the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

  1. Impressive Top Speed: Experience the thrill of reaching speeds of up to 37 Km/h (22.99 mph). Zoom through the streets with confidence and excitement.
  2. Extended Range: With a single charge, the Kugoo G-Max can travel up to an impressive range of 35 Km (21.75 miles). Enjoy longer rides without worrying about running out of power.
  3. Powerful Brushless Motor: The Kugoo G-Max is equipped with a robust 500-watt brushless motor, providing reliable performance and efficient power delivery.
  4. Efficient Charging Time: Recharge the scooter's battery in just 6-7 hours. Spend less time waiting and more time riding.
  5. Sleek and Stylish Design: The Kugoo G-Max showcases a modern and eye-catching design. Its sleek aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your urban adventures.
  6. Color Options: Choose from a range of stylish colors to suit your personal preference. The Kugoo G-Max is available in Black, White, or Grey, allowing you to ride in style.
  7. Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly connect your smartphone to the scooter using Bluetooth. This feature enables you to utilize the Kugoo APP, enhancing your riding experience with additional functionalities and customization options.

Discover the power, style, and convenience of the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter. From its impressive top speed and extended range to the sleek design and Bluetooth connectivity, this scooter offers a thrilling and customizable riding experience. Choose the Kugoo G-Max and redefine your urban transportation journey.

Elegant and Agile: The Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

Experience the Perfect Blend of Style and Agility with the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

Boasting a steady top speed of 37 Km/h (22.99 mph), the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter effortlessly maneuvers in and around obstacles with ease. Its nimble nature allows you to navigate through crowded urban environments safely and efficiently.

Equipped with three different speed modes - Eco, Standard, and Sports - the Kugoo G-Max provides you with complete control over your riding experience. Choose the mode that best suits your preferences and the specific conditions of your journey, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable ride every time.

Say goodbye to range anxiety with the Kugoo G-Max's impressive 10 AH battery. This high-capacity battery grants you a substantial 35 Km (21.75 miles) range before needing to be charged. Whether you're heading to the gym, office, or shops, the Kugoo G-Max ensures you can effortlessly reach your destination without interruptions.

Crafted with a robust Magnesium alloy body, the Kugoo G-Max delivers a firm and stable ride. This durable construction ensures reliable performance and enhances your overall riding experience. You can confidently traverse various terrains and surfaces, knowing that the scooter provides a steady and smooth ride.

Tackling hills is a breeze with the Kugoo G-Max's powerful 500-watt brushless motor. It enables the scooter to conquer 15-degree inclines effortlessly, ensuring you can effortlessly conquer hilly landscapes with confidence and ease.

In summary, the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter combines style and agility into a single package. With its steady top speed, customizable speed modes, impressive battery range, and robust construction, this scooter offers a thrilling and reliable ride. Experience the perfect blend of performance and style with the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter, allowing you to navigate urban environments with grace and confidence.

Packed with Safety Features: The Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

Experience Uncompromising Safety with the Feature-Packed Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

The Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter not only offers a thrilling and enjoyable ride but also prioritizes your safety with its comprehensive range of features. Ride with confidence, knowing that your safety is our top priority.

Bringing the scooter to a safe stop is effortless, thanks to the rear disc brake. This reliable braking system ensures quick and efficient stopping power, allowing you to maintain control and ride with peace of mind. Whether you need to make a sudden stop or slow down gradually, the rear disc brake provides the necessary safety measures.

Navigating different types of path conditions is a breeze with the chunky 10" strong grip and wear-resisting tires. These robust tires provide excellent traction and stability, ensuring a secure ride even on uneven or challenging surfaces. You can confidently tackle various terrains, knowing that the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter is designed to handle different path conditions with ease.

The spacious platform of the scooter, measuring 7.9" wide, offers ample standing room. This generous platform size allows for a comfortable and stable ride, allowing you to maintain balance and enjoy a smooth journey. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring the city, the wide platform ensures a secure and enjoyable riding experience.

Safety is further enhanced by the inclusion of a bright LED front light on the electric scooter. This powerful front light illuminates your path during nighttime adventures, ensuring visibility and enhancing safety. Be seen and ride with confidence, knowing that you can navigate dark areas with clarity and alertness.

In summary, the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter is packed with safety features to provide you with a secure and protected riding experience. From the reliable rear disc brake and strong grip tires to the spacious platform and bright LED front light, every aspect of the scooter is designed with your safety in mind. Choose the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter and enjoy a ride where safety and enjoyment go hand in hand.

Maximum Portability: The Foldability of the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

Experience Unmatched Portability with the Easy Fold System of the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

The Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter takes portability to the next level with its new and effortless fold system. Designed for convenience, this innovative feature allows you to quickly fold down the scooter, making it compact and easy to store, especially during charging.

With just a few simple steps, the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter can be swiftly folded down, transforming it into a compact size. This compact form enables you to store the scooter in tight spaces, such as under a desk or in a closet, making it ideal for those with limited storage space.

The foldability of the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter also enhances its transportability. Whether you need to hop on public transportation or carry the scooter up a flight of stairs, the compact folded size makes it effortless to transport. You can easily take it with you wherever you go, ensuring that you're always ready for your next adventure.

The convenience of the easy fold system not only enhances storage and transportability but also simplifies the charging process. You can fold down the scooter and store it neatly while it charges, eliminating any clutter and keeping your space organized.

In summary, the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter sets a new standard for maximum portability with its easy fold system. The ability to quickly fold down the scooter enhances storage, transportability, and simplifies the charging process. Embrace the convenience and versatility offered by the foldability of the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter and enjoy a hassle-free experience that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Revolutionize Your Riding Experience with Cutting-Edge App Technology

Embrace the Power of App Connectivity with the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

The Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter offers a seamless integration of app technology, providing you with an enhanced and personalized riding experience. By downloading the dedicated app and connecting it to your phone, you unlock a world of exciting features and functionalities.

Alongside the bright LCD display on the scooter, the app allows you to further customize and control your ride. Seamlessly connect your smartphone to the scooter, and you'll gain access to a range of advanced features and real-time information.

Experience the convenience of the app's functionality, which complements the scooter's LCD display. With the app, you can access additional data and settings, further enhancing your riding experience. Monitor your speed, battery level, and distance traveled with ease. Stay informed and in control, ensuring that you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

The Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter is available in three stylish colors: black, white, and grey. These sleek and modern options allow you to choose the color that best reflects your personal style and preference. Ride in style and turn heads as you effortlessly navigate through the streets on this fantastic electric scooter.

In summary, the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter offers the convenience of app connectivity, allowing you to personalize your ride and access additional features. With the bright LCD display and the dedicated app, you can easily monitor important information and customize settings to suit your preferences. Choose the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter and experience a fantastic ride that combines advanced technology, style, and convenience.

Detailed Specifications of the Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter

  • Type: Electric Scooter
  • Colors: Black, White, or Grey
  • Max Speed: 37 Km/h (22 Mph)
  • Max Range per Charge: 35 Km (22 Miles)
  • Battery: 10 AH
  • Max Load: 100 Kg (220 lbs)
  • Motor: 500 Watts
  • Tyres: 10" Anti-Skid Tyres
  • Charging Time: 6-7 Hours
  • Brakes: Rear Disc Brake
  • Waterproof Rating: IP54
  • Climbing Ability: Max 15%
  • Product Weight: 20 Kg
  • Package Weight: 23 Kg
  • Product Size (Unfolded): 1190 x 575 x 1150 mm
  • Product Size (Folded): 1205 x 215 x 540 mm


When you purchase the Kugoo G Max electric scooter, you can expect a delivery timeframe of 4 to 8 working days. We partner with trusted shipping carriers such as DPD or DHL to ensure reliable and efficient delivery of your scooter.

Once your order is dispatched, we will send you a delivery confirmation email that includes the tracking number and the name of the courier. With this information at your disposal, you can easily track your package throughout its entire journey. Stay updated on the whereabouts of your scooter and anticipate its arrival with excitement.

To ensure your convenience and peace of mind, we will also provide regular email updates regarding the progress of your delivery. You will receive notifications at key milestones, such as when the package is out for delivery or if there are any unexpected delays. We strive to keep you well-informed throughout the shipping process, ensuring transparency and a smooth experience.

We understand the anticipation that comes with waiting for your new electric scooter, and we prioritize a timely and secure delivery. Rest assured that once your order is dispatched, we will do our utmost to ensure its safe and timely arrival. Track your package, follow its progress, and eagerly anticipate the moment you can embark on your exciting rides with the Kugoo G Max electric scooter.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the delivery process or any other inquiries, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and ensuring that you receive your scooter in a prompt and hassle-free manner.

At Electric Future, we value your satisfaction and want you to be completely happy with your purchase. Therefore, we offer a 30-day return and refund policy for the Kugoo G Max electric scooter.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your scooter, you have the option to return it within 30 days from the date of purchase. To be eligible for a return and refund, please ensure that the scooter is in its original condition. It should be unused, undamaged, and returned in its original packaging. Additionally, all accessories and documentation that came with the scooter should be included in the return.

To initiate a return, please contact our customer service team who will guide you through the process. They will provide you with detailed instructions on how to safely package the scooter for return shipment. Please note that the return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise specified.

Once we receive the returned item and verify its condition, we will proceed with processing your refund. The refund will be issued using the original payment method used for the purchase. Please allow a reasonable processing time for the refund to be completed and for the funds to be reflected in your account.

We believe in the quality and reliability of our products, but we also understand that circumstances may change or preferences may vary. Our 30-day return and refund policy is designed to provide you with peace of mind and ensure your satisfaction with the Kugoo G Max electric scooter.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the return process or any other inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. We are here to assist you and ensure that your experience with Electric Future is positive and hassle-free.

At Electric Future, we take pride in the quality and durability of our electric scooters. We are confident in the reliability of our products, which is why we offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty on the Kugoo Electric Scooter.

This warranty ensures that if your Kugoo experiences any manufacturing defects or malfunctions within the warranty period, we will provide assistance in resolving the issue. Depending on the nature of the fault, we offer two options for resolution.

Firstly, if the fault requires professional expertise, we encourage you to send the scooter to our authorized repair center. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and repair the scooter using genuine Kugoo parts to ensure optimal performance. Please note that you will need to keep the original packaging box, as it is required for safe transportation of the scooter to the repair center. Our courier partners will not accept the scooter without proper packaging.

Alternatively, for minor issues that can be easily addressed, we can send the necessary replacement parts directly to you. These parts include the motor, computer, mudguard, and battery. By following our detailed instructions and using the provided parts, you can repair your Kugoo scooter yourself, saving time and effort.

It is important to note that the warranty does not cover accidental damage or general wear and tear resulting from regular use of the scooter. Additionally, the warranty is not a substitute for insurance coverage, which may offer broader protection against unforeseen circumstances. We strongly recommend considering suitable insurance options to ensure comprehensive coverage for your Kugoo scooter.

Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the warranty process. We strive to provide prompt and reliable support to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment of the Kugoo Electric Scooter.

Thank you for choosing Electric Future. We are committed to delivering a premium experience and stand behind the quality of our products with our comprehensive warranty.

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  3. Fill out your details: On the checkout page, you will be prompted to fill out your personal and shipping information. Provide accurate and complete details to ensure a smooth transaction.
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  5. Complete your order: Once you have selected Klarna as your preferred payment method, review your order details to ensure accuracy. If everything looks good, proceed to complete your order.

By choosing Klarna as your payment method, you can enjoy the convenience of splitting your purchase into multiple interest-free payments. Klarna offers flexibility and ease, allowing you to manage your budget effectively.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the payment process, our customer support team is available to help.

When it comes to electric scooters, it's important to be aware of the legal requirements in your country and local area. While electric scooters are generally legal in most of Europe, it is still crucial to check and understand the specific regulations before making a purchase.

In Germany, for instance, an Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis (ABE) certificate is required for motor-powered vehicles, including electric scooters. It's important to note that the Kugoo scooter does not have an ABE certificate specifically for the German market.

In Germany, the usage of electric scooters is limited to non-main roads, unmanaged trails, and private land, subject to local laws and regulations. Riding on public roads and sidewalks may be prohibited or restricted, so it is essential to familiarize yourself with the local rules and adhere to them to ensure your safety and legal compliance.

Upon making a purchase from our store, it is important to understand and agree to the sales regulations set forth by our company. We are committed to providing accurate information and assisting you with any inquiries regarding the legal status and usage of our scooters.

Please note that due to the absence of an ABE certificate, the Kugoo scooter cannot be refunded on the basis of lacking this specific certification. If you decide to proceed with the purchase, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the use of the scooter in your area.

For customers in Germany who specifically require a scooter with an ABE certificate, we recommend searching for the ABE E9 scooter in our store. This particular model meets the requirements set forth by German regulations and can provide you with the necessary documentation for legal operation.

We encourage all customers to thoroughly research and understand the local regulations before purchasing an electric scooter to ensure a safe and compliant riding experience. Compliance with the law is essential for your safety and the well-being of others sharing the road or pathways.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the legal aspects of using electric scooters, our knowledgeable support team is available to assist you.

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